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HP Printers SE: High-Quality Working SE Method ✅✨


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Jan 27, 2024
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Note: This method is based on my personal experience with this company in the United Kingdom. Minor details may differ depending on your location and the company's saturation at the time that you attempt this.

Note: I've been calling HP about twice a week for the past month, so I have a good idea of how their printer warranty system works.

First, some general information.

I've identified and labeled three types of representatives you may encounter, as well as their relevance to your social engineering attempt.

What about technical support? These are the first people you speak with on the phone if you've been directed to tech support through the switchboard or if you call them directly. They generate a case ID for you. They've done instant replacements without asking for anything in return (POP, VCC, returning the old one, etc.) and are generally the nicest. I cannot guarantee that they will never ask for anything.

Technical support supervisors? Supervisors are less friendly than regular tech support guys, but they are much more likely to request the old one back and ensure you receive emails if you do not send it.

What about logistics? This department consists of two representatives (Stephan and Jeremiah). Their job is to ship out printers, and they are the least friendly of the three types of representatives I've encountered. They have always asked for POP and a picture of the serial. I was directed to them after stating that I had received the wrong printer.

How to Get an HP Printer

Call 08452704567.

If you call the number I provided (the HP switchboard), what should you ask for technical support for?Insert the printer model here. In warranty.

How do I troubleshoot? I informed them that the LCD screen was lit but no text appeared. This appears to be a common issue with some of the printers with LCDs, as they informed me that they have one with the exact same problem. Search the internet for ideas; be creative but not unrealistic.

They will instruct you to do:

Please provide the serial number? They'll ask what printer model it is and what the serial number is. To appear more genuine, I simply played dumb and asked where I could find it first. I was asked for a picture of the serial number and POP (a decent-looking Amazon one worked perfectly), but I was also given a replacement without either. It depends on the rep and how much rapport you have.

Please provide your name, email address, and phone number. This can be requested at any point in the process.

Please provide your shipping address? So they can send you a replacement unit. They've never asked me for a VCC. I've been asked for the old one back and told that I should dispose of it myself (on separate occasions, of course). The printer is packaged alone in a brown box.

Extras: If you can persuade the representative to create an order number for the incorrect printer, you can obtain a replacement. This works if there are multiple printers in a family and you give them the incorrect model number. For example, the HP Deskjet 3050A series is a family name that includes the Deskjet 5055A and the 3050A. If they send you 50A instead of 55A, for example (and your serial is for 55A), you can call after you get it and have the correct one shipped to you (without them asking for the "wrong" one back first).

If they ask for a picture of the serial, use the one below (it's a serial from the most expensive one I could find (Officejet Pro 8600), or PM me and I might have one in the model you require.

If they ask for POP, simply Photoshop one from a store that sells them (Currys, JL, Argos, etc.) or use an Amazon receipt. (I sent a screenshot of myself logged into Amazon with the fake order details on display.)

Finally, bills: I received this lovely email several times (only after I was told over the phone to return the old one). When they said I could keep it, there were no emails.

Dear Debugger,
You recently contacted the HP Support Service Centre to report a hardware failure with your device.
In response to your request, we opened a support case using the references listed below and provided you with a replacement device on xx/xx/xxxx.
Repair reference: xxx; serial number: xxx.
Call reference: xxx.
Product number: xxx.
Description: xxx.
According to HP warranty terms and conditions, and in accordance with our commitment to the environment, the defective device is now the property of HP and must be returned within 5 working days of delivery.
HP reserves the right to invoice you for the full value of defective devices that are not returned.