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Mar 5, 2024
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The key is to order clothes through a Chinese platform called Taobao/yupoo, which uses a middleman called Pandabuy to facilitate shipping to non-Chinese addresses. Designer items are ordered through Pandabuy and then resold.

Begin by ordering clothing from China. Taobao/Yupoo is the source for these items, with Pandabuy acting as a middleman for shipping. After you select products and place orders with Pandabuy, the items will be delivered to your warehouse, along with quality check images for verification.

Sign up for Pandabuy using my affiliate link and receive ¥70 off shipping.

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To increase the legitimacy of your transactions, consider obtaining receipts for purchased items. This can increase the trustworthiness of your transactions. Receipts can be obtained from Receipt Heaven, a platform that offers 1:1 updated remakes of receipts for purchases. Visit the Receipt Heaven website.

Step 1: Use Pandabuy as a middleman by entering Taobao product links into their search engine. This translates the page into English and allows you to view and order products from Pandabuy. Once the products arrive at your warehouse, quality control images will be provided.

Where can I find the best Taobao items, you may ask? Here's a spreadsheet with a lot of hot selling items. It is also marked with a quality review.

This is also a list of the top Yupoo sellers.

When using Yupoo, go to the product's photo album and copy and paste the TaoBao link into Pandabuy to place your order.

Step 2: Upon receiving the ordered products in your warehouse, confirm their quality (size, color, and damage). If everything looks good, submit a parcel. Submit the products to your address.


Before putting your products up for sale, I strongly advise you to get a custom receipt from Receipt Heaven. When you provide a receipt, you significantly boost customer confidence, which can make or break the sale. A legitimate receipt serves as a seal of authenticity, making your transactions more secure and reliable.
Now list your items on secondhand selling websites such as Depop, Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and others (whichever is most appropriate for your country). Price the items accordingly. Remember not to list your items for an extremely low price. This will lead customers to believe the offer is too good to be true.

Conclusion: Although learning is required, this method has proven profitable for many in the clothing replica reselling industry. Before selling, consider obtaining custom receipts to increase the legitimacy of your transactions.
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